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SKBCV8 Roto X Cymbal Vault


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Roto moulded of Linear Low Density Polyethylene with a welded centre post that will hold seven or more cymbals* this cymbal case has become the drummer’s choice. Complete with four cymbal pads and a storage pocket, the cymbals will travel without pressure on the sound edge. Moulded with the “X” pattern this redesigned Cymbal Vault will stack conveniently with the SKB Roto-X Drum Cases.

*Fits traditionally shaped cymbals. China cymbals and flat ride cymbals will not fit.         


  • Holds up to eight 22″ cymbals
  • Four padded dividers for protection
  • Stacks with SKB Roto-X drum cases


  • Diameter: 58.42 cm
  • Product Weight: 4.35 kg


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