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SKBCV24W Rolling Cymbal Vault


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The new, improved 1SKB-CV24W Rolling Cymbal Vault still retains the same industrial-strength Roto molded construction of the original version, but we’ve improved the wheels, upgraded the pull handle, and increased the depth to provide the best transport solution for as many as 8 cymbals, up to 24” in diameter.

The 1SKB-CV24W includes a convenient storage pocket and four cymbal pads for protection so cymbals will travel without rubbing together. Molded with our famous “X” pattern, the 24 inch cymbal vault will stack with the SKB Roto-X Drum Cases and features a sturdy, high-tension slide release buckle with heavy-duty web straps for easy closure.

*Fits traditionally shaped cymbals. China cymbals and flat ride cymbals will not fit.         


  • Holds up to eight cymbals, up to 24″ in diameter
  • Four padded dividers for protection
  • Industrial strength pull out handle
  • In-line skate style wheels for easy transport
  • Stacks with SKB Roto-X drum cases


  • Interior Length: 76.20 cm
  • Interior Width: 68.58 cm
  • Interior Depth: 16.51 cm
  • Diameter: 60.96 cm
  • Product Weight: 5.81 kg


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